The ElectroScience Laboratory

  • 2015 Best CERF Poster Awards

    In the 6th annual CERF Technical Meeting that was held on Tuesday, August 4 at the ElectroScience Laboratory, 35 posters competed for the best poster award. Four sessions were held throughout the day that featured posters focusing on the ESL research... | LEARN MORE
  • Jonathan M. Pozderac Receives an Award at the US/Canadian URSI Student Paper Competition

    Jonathan M. Pozderac receives 3rd place at the annual US/Canadian URSI student paper competition held this week, July 19 – 25, 2015, in Vancouver, Canada. His paper title is "X-Band Beacon-Receiver Array Evaporation Duct Height Estimation" and is co-authored by Prof. | LEARN MORE
  • Cosan Caglayan Receives Doctoral Research Award from IEEE-APS

    Cosan Caglayan , a graduate student performing research at ESL to obtain his Ph.D. degree, receives a Doctoral Research Award from the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (AP-S). His award comes with a $2,500 Ph.D. fellowship, which is given to... | LEARN MORE
  • Landon Garry and His Research Earn Recognition

    In the Signal Processing Symposium that was held in Debe, Poland on June 10-12, 2015, J. Landon Garry , a Ph.D. student at the ElectroScience Laboratory, received the 2nd prize in the Best Student Paper Award competition. He presented a paper on the... | LEARN MORE
  • ESL/ECE Students Win Big in the National Neuro Startup Challenge

    After winning the 2nd place at the Business Plan Competition  held by the FisherCollege of Business at the OSU in April 2015, the team NeuroCognetix  (then called Buckeye SmarterImage), recieves one of the highly coveted 13 spots... | LEARN MORE