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  • Video: Origami Textile Antennas

    Recent Undergraduate Honors Research Scholarship winner, Shreyas Chaudhari, discusses his work at The Ohio State University with Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Dr. Asimina Kiourti at the ElectroScience Laboratory  and Mechanical... | LEARN MORE
  • Presidential Fellowship: Syed An Nazmuz Saqueb

    An electrical and computer engineering (ECE) doctoral student at The Ohio State University was among the recent winners of a prestigious Presidential Fellowship for his work advancing the cost and efficiency of terahertz (THz) imaging. Student winner, Syed... | LEARN MORE
  • ESL Undergrads Receive Undergraduate Honors Research Scholarship

    Three students at The Ohio State University’s ElectroScience Lab  on west campus recently won Undergraduate Honors Research Scholarships and a chance to work directly with their faculty advisors. Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) scholars, Matt... | LEARN MORE
  • NSF awards $675,000 to advance Ohio State terahertz research

    Between the infrared and microwave sections of the electromagnetic spectrum, lies the terahertz window, a largely untapped portion of energy, with the potential to reveal a huge variety of unknowns – from people carrying hidden weapons, to the thickness... | LEARN MORE
  • Annual ESL Awards Ceremony

    The Annual ESL Awards Luncheon was held on Monday, December 5, 2017 at the Blackwell Inn and Pfahl Conference Center.  Students, staff, researchers and faculty received awards for their academic accomplishments, breaktrough research and their dedication to ESL. | LEARN MORE
  • Raman Vilkhu Awarded Tech Hub Student Project Grant

    Congratulations to Raman Vilkhu for winning the 2017 Student Project Grant from Tech Hub at OSU.  Raman worked with fellow undergraduate student Wesley Thio from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  Raman and Wesley were part of eight semi-finalists... | LEARN MORE
  • Brandon Mathieu Receives the Best Student Paper Award

    Congratulations to Brandon Mathieu who recently received the best student paper award at the 2017 IEEE Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Symposium (CSICS) .  His paper is titled  “An AC Coupled 10Gb/s LVDS-compatible Receiver with Latched... | LEARN MORE
  • ESL Collaborates with Aerospace Research Center on Drone Research

    The Ohio State University Aerospace Research Center set a world speed record for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of any size - pending verification - and they took advantage of ESL’s anechoic chamber to verify and test their data prior to the flight. | LEARN MORE
  • NSF Grant to Advance Wireless Neural Implant Technology Research at ESL

    Prof. Asimina Kiourti and her team of researchers received a 3-year grant to study “Fully-passive and wireless multi-channel neural recording for chronic in-vivo studies in animals.” Prof. Kiourti is leading the NSF-funded effort on creating... | LEARN MORE
  • 75th Anniversary Article Featuring Chris Ball

    Chris Ball and his research on the space-based sensing and communications was the focus of this week's featured article celebrating ESL's 75th anniversary. Click here to read about Ball's work, led by Principal Investigator and ECE Chair/Professor Joel... | LEARN MORE

Celebrating 75 Years of ElectroScience Innovation

75th Anniversary Featured Article: Chris Ball 

75th Anniversary program and downloadable ESL and anniversary materials can be found here


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Celebrating 75 Years of ElectroScience Innovation