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CERF Best Poster Award

Best Poster Award Program has been established in 2015 to recognize excellence in the dissemination and the presentation of ESL research that is either fully or partially funded by the Consortium on the Electromagnetics and Radio Frequencies (CERF). The award is designed to promote interest in the dissemination of EM and RF research, to increase the quality of poster presentations, and to acknowledge excellence in this valuable medium. The award is presented annually to the poster presenters receiving the most number of votes for the first (Best Poster) and second place. The first authors of the best and 2nd best posters receive cash prize of $200 and $100 respectively. All of the authors and co-authors of the 1st and 2nd place posters receive a certificate acknowledging their successful poster presentation.


--1st place: "Passive I-SAR: Framework and Experimental Trials" Authors: Landon Garry (poster presenter), Graeme Smith

--2nd place: "High-speed, High-resolution Analog-to-digital Converter for STAR and Software Defined Radios". Authors: Ramy Tantawy (poster presenter), Waleed Khalil, and Shane Smith.


--1st place:  “Situational Awareness Using GNSS Adaptive Antennas”. Authors: Nicole Tchorowski (poster presenter), Inder J. Gupta

--2nd place: “ESL Passive Radar E-Scanned Phased Subarray Antenna”

Authors:  Matt Barr (poster presenter), J. Landon Garry, Graeme E. Smith


--1st place:  “Novel Concepts for Slow Wave Structures used in High Power BWO’s and TWT Amplifiers”. Authors: Ushemadzoro Chipengo (poster presenter), Muhammed Zuboraj and John L. Volakis

--2nd place (1): “Ultra-Wideband Antennas for Satellite Communications up to Ku- and Ka-Band”. Authors:  Markus H. Novak (poster presenter), John L. Volakis, Félix A. Miranda.

--2nd place (2):Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Radar”. Authors: Kyle B. Stewart (poster presenter), Abishek Mohan, Joel T. Johnson