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New and Departing Employee Resources

New Employees:

All new employees arriving at ESL will complete their HR paperwork either at ESL or the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). Information and appropriate paperwork will be sent electronically. Upon their arrival at ESL, new employees will work on getting their access to ESL established, complete appropriate trainings, receive tutorials and guidelines, and join new Employee Orientations when held in September. Appropriate staff member will assist new employees in completing all necessary steps within 30 days of their arrival. 

Departing Employees:

When ESL students graduate or employees depart at the end of their appointments, they are required to complete necessary paperwork prior to their departure. All departing employees or graduating students are highly encouraged to contact ESL's HR Associate (Jennifer McCord) at least 2 weeks prior to their leave so that they have sufficient time to complete their paperwork. 

If you have any questions about the new or departing employee process, please contact:

  1. Primary Point of Contact at ESL: Jennifer McCord at ESL. Human Relations/Fiscal Associate, room 147C, mccord.87
  2. Bethany Boston, HR Generalist at ECE in the absence of ESL primary contact 
  3. Yesim Anter at ESL. Facilities Coordinator, room 144, anter.3