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CERF Best Poster Award

Best Poster Award Program was established in 2015 to recognize excellence in the dissemination and the presentation of ESL research at the Annual CERF Technical Meeting & Affiliates Dinner

The award is designed to:

  • Promote interest in the dissemination of EM and RF research
  • Increase the quality of poster presentations
  • Acknowledge excellence in this valuable medium.

The award is presented annually to the poster presenters receiving the most number of votes for first place (Best Poster) and second place. The authors of the first and second best posters receive a cash prize of $200 and $100, respectively. Each author and co-author of the first and second place posters receive a certificate acknowledging their successful poster presentation.


  • 1st place: "High Resolution, Wide Bandwidth and Multi-mode Arbirtrary Waveform Generator (AWG) for Telemetry Applications". Authors: Ahmed Naguib Mohamed (poster presenter), Mo’men Abusareya, Luke Duncan, Brian Dupaix, Matt Larue, Eslam Yahya, Shane Smith, and Waleed Khalil
  • 2nd place (2): "The Ultra-Wideband Software Defined Radiometer (UWBRAD) for Internal Ice Sheet Sensing: Recent Results and Campaign Planning". Authors: Mark J. Andrews (poster presenter), Joel T. Johnson, Hongkun Li, Mustafa Aksoy and Kenneth Jezek.
  • 2nd place (2): "High Gain UWB Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna for 2.5-57 GHz Applications". Authors: Jack Eichenberger (poster presenter) and Nima Ghalichechian