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Consortium on Electromagnetics and Radio Frequencies (CERF)


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About CERF

The faculty and researchers at the ElectroScience Laboratory have decided to share their expertise with the employees of the US-based RF industry as well with undergraduate and graduate students for their further training by forming a Consortium on Electromagnetics and Radio Frequencies (CERF).

Under this consortium, member companies have access to state-of-the-art facilities, faculty and student researchers as well as specialty training courses that are tailored to member needs. Annual technical meetings are held to further cultivate the research relationship with members of the consortium and to share the latest research findings between ESL-CERF members.

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The specialty courses (short courses) and technical meetings are open to US-based industry personnel who are members (Industrial Affiliates) of the consortium. The industrial affiliates also have access to ESL's well trained graduate students.

EM (antennas, antenna platform interactions, EMI/EMC, scattering, etc.) and RF circuits and systems are the backbone of all modern communication, radar, telemetry, remote sensing and navigation systems. The demand for well trained students who are capable of analyzing, designing, developing and conducting measurements in these technological areas is exploding. US industry and DoD need to keep their workforce informed of the latest technological developments and breakthroughs in these areas to field the next generation systems in a timely fashion. ESL-CERF is designed to meet these needs.

ESL-CERF Organization

ESL-CERF is governed by a Consortium Advisory Board (CAB) consisting of University Representatives and selected Industrial Affiliates. Five University Representatives are selected from the faculty and researchers associated with ESL. The Director of ESL appoints the University Representatives. Every Platinum Industrial Affiliate appoints one person to the CAB. In addition, one person is elected from other Industrial Affiliates.

The ElectroScience Laboratory at the Ohio State University serves as the programmatic lead for ESL-CERF.

The Ohio State University (OSU) serves as the administrative lead for ESL-CERF. The Industrial Affiliates sign agreements with OSU to join ESL-CERF.

CERF Advisory Board Members

Robert Burkholder

Interim Director


Alissa Comella
Senior Associate Director

Tel: (614) 292-0609

Inder J. Gupta
Faculty Emeritus

Waleed Khalil

Associate Professor


Ronald Reano


Fernando Teixeira