Consortium on Electromagnetics and Radio Frequencies (CERF)

Electromagnetics (EM) and radio frequencies (RF) circuits and systems are the backbone of all modern communication, radar, telemetry, remote sensing and navigation systems. The faculty and researchers at the Ohio State ElectroScience Laboratory share their expertise with the US-based EM/RF industry through the Consortium on Electromagnetics and Radio Frequencies (CERF).

One of the main goals of ESL CERF is to support industry professionals at the leading edge of their fields and to provide them with access to world-class research and potential workforce talent in EM and RF areas. 

Under this consortium, member companies have access to state-of-the-art facilities, faculty and student researchers as well as specialty training courses that are tailored to member needs. Annual technical meetings are held to further cultivate the research relationship with members of the consortium and to share the latest research findings with ESL CERF members.

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The 2023 CERF Annual Meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 1, 2023 and will be held at the ElectroScience Laboratory Complex, 1330 Kinnear Road. For additional insight, please reach out to