CERF Industrial Affiliates

US industry can benefit from ESL-CERF by joining the consortium as Industrial Affiliates. As an Industrial Affiliate, the industry pays an annual membership fee to ESL-CERF. The funds collected through the membership fee are used to develop new short courses, organize short courses and technical meetings, sponsor student training and research. Some of the benefits of ESL-CERF to Industrial Affiliates are listed below.

Industrial Affiliate Benefits

  • At least ten half-day short courses every year from the leading experts in the areas of electromagnetics and radio frequency circuits and systems
  • Participate in annual technical meetings where the results of recent research are presented and discussed, and the state of the art of all ESL research areas is also reviewed
  • Access to well trained undergraduate and graduate students who could be their future employees
  • Opportunity to discuss the technical problems and challenges with the leading experts as well as their peers
  • On-site (Industrial Affiliate's facility) short courses for Gold and Platinum Industrial Affiliates
  • Limited direct access to ESL's measurement facilities (for Platinum members only)

Current Industrial Affiliates

Affiliate Name Membership Level Point of Contact
BerrieHill Corp. Basic Jeff Berrie
BAE Systems Basic Randall Lapierre
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Silver Mike Shields
Northrop Grumman Silver Mark Schrote
Lockheed Martin Silver Chris Petrella
Raytheon Gold Justin Kasemodel