ESL CERF-funded projects


  • Wideband Radiometry for Core Body Temperature; A. Bringer & A. Kiourti

  • A Low-Cost Approach for Geolocaiton of Multiple Overlapping RF Emitters; Inder "Jiti" Gupta

  • Wideband True-time Delay Units in Coupled Silicon Ridge Waveguides; N. Nahar & K. Sertel & B. Paul

  • Demonstration of Adaptable, Real Time AI Inference for Remote Sensing; A. O'Brien & R. Linnabary

  • Magnetic Induction Waves for Body Area Communications; Asimina Kiourti

  • Quantum Microwave Photonics; David Nippa

  • Control of optical polarization on photonic integrated circuits; Ronald Reano

  • A Programmable Electrical Dressing for Chronic Wound Healing; Rob Lee

  • Tethered Drone System for RF Measurements; Caglar Yardim


  • Low loss optical waveguides in ferroelectric thin films; Ron Reano
  • Bio-Matched Antennas; Asimina Kiourti
  • Photonics-Based Interference Mitigation for Passive Radar; Chris Neese & Graeme Smith 
  • Sensor to Detect Hand on Steering Wheel for Autonomous Vehicles; Rob Lee
  • Fabrication and Testing of a novel 1256-Element Circularly-Polarized Metal-Only Reflectarray; Nima Ghalichechian
  • Phase-change Material Based FarIR Tunable Filter Fabrication and Measurement; Niru Nahar 
  • Fully Conservative EM-PIC Algorithms on Unstructured Grids; Fernando Teixeira 
  • New methodologies to identify and remove Radio Frequency Interference (RFI): Demonstration with data from the Soil Moisture Active and Passive (SMAP) mission; Alexandra Bringer 


  • FarIR Tunable Notch Filter Employing Phase Change Material; Niru Nahar
  • Wireless Bioimpedance Implants for Unobtrusive Metal Ion Monitoring in Biological Tissues; Asimina Kiourti
  • Development of Internet of Things (IOT's) for Wearable Applications; Rob Lee
  • Low Voltage Poling of Spontaneous Polarization for Nonlinear Photonic Integrated Circuits; Ron Reano
  • Electromagnetic Particle in Cell (EM-PIC) Modeling for Multipactor Analysis; Fernando Teixeira
  • Lightweight Cryptoprocessor for the Constrained Devices Applications (Lcrypt); Waleed Khalil
  • Biomass Estimation Radar for Precision Agriculture; Graeme Smith
  • Fabrication and Testing of a Low-Loss VO2-Based 60-GHz 4-bit Phase Shifter; Nima Ghalichechian


  • Remote Sensing of Scintillation/Fading Due to Tropospheric Turbulence Using a Drone; Caglar Yardim, Swagato Mukherjee
  • Purchase of an Environmental Test Chamber to Enhance the Testing Capabilities at ESL; Shane Smith, Andrew O'Brien
  • A New Method of Power Harvesting Using Electroceutical Dressings; Asimina Kiourti
  • Millimeter wave Phased Array with Integrated MEMS Phase Shifters; Niru Nahar
  • Automated Waver Scale Test and Measurement of Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits; Ron Reano


  • High-Efficiency Electro-Optic Modulator with On-Chip Integrated Antenna for Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging Systems; Asimina Kiourti
  • Suspended Antenna Arrays for Millimeter Wave Imaging Systems; Nima Ghalichechian
  • Refractivity-from-Clutter (RFC) Capable Radar; Caglar Yardim
  • Broadband Far IR Polymer-Supported Filter; Niru Nahar
  • Creating High-Speed Modulators from Domain Reversal in Thin Film Ferroelectrics; Ron Reano
  • Acquisition of a Room-Sized RF Shielded Enclosure to Enable System Level Low Noise Measurements at ESL; Waleed Khalil, Brian Dupaix, Shane Smith


  • Reconfigurable Millimeter-Wave Phased-Array Antenna with Novel Integrated PhaseShifters; Nima Ghalichechian
  • Using Terrestrial Radio Navigation Aids for Passive Radar; Graeme Smith, Andrew O'Brien
  • Fabrication of an L-Band Angenna Array for GNSS Research at ESL; Andrew O'Brien
  • Linear Compact Moduators for RF Photonics; Ron Reano


  • GPU-Accelerated Software Defined Receiver for Navigation and Signal Geolocation Research at ESL; Andrew O'Brien
  • Passive Forward Scatter Radar; Chris Baker, Joel Johnson
  • A Complete W-band Wireless Transceiver System at ESL; John Volakis
  • Towards Reconfigurable and Low-loss Millimeter Wave Antennas using MEMS Paraffin Micro-actuators; Nima Ghalichechian
  • Encapsulated ITAR Compliant Design/Simulation Environment; Brian Dupaix
  • Cognitive Radar for Guidance and Control; Graeme Smith, Chris Baker
  • Reconfigurable RF Photonic Filter Technology; Ron Reano
  • System Modeling of Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR) Test Bed; Waleed Khalil