CERF Poster and Three-Minute Thesis Awards

Best Poster Award Program was established in 2015 to recognize excellence in the dissemination and the presentation of ESL research at the Annual CERF Technical Meeting & Affiliates Dinner

The award is designed to:

  • Promote interest in the dissemination of EM and RF research
  • Increase the quality of poster presentations
  • Acknowledge excellence in this valuable medium.

The award is presented annually to the poster presenters receiving the most number of votes for first place (Best Poster) and second place. The authors of the first and second best posters receive a cash prize of $200 and $100, respectively. Each author and co-author of the first and second place posters receive a certificate acknowledging their successful poster presentation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CERF poster program transitioned into Three-Minute Thesis competition to accommodate an online meeting format.

2022 CERF Three-Minute Thesis Winners

  • First place: Trevor DeanImproved Phase Modular for Outphasing Transmitters
  • Second place: Indranil NayakForecasting Electromagnetic Fields Using Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD): A Data-Driven Approach
  • Third place: Connor JenkinsMagnetoinductive Waveguides for Wireless Body Area Networks

2022 CERF Best Poster Winners

  • First place: Jacob CompaleoSpectral Domain Sparse Representation for DOA Estimation of Signals with Large Dynamic Range
  • Second place: Justin KuricDevelopment of a Software Defined Antenna Electronic (SDAE) System
  • Third place: Dustin HortonComparison of Time-Series-Soil Moisture Retrieval Bounds Using S-Band Backscatter from the SMEX02 Campaign

Past Award Winners


Three-Minute Thesis Winners

  • 1st place: Jack Eichenberger, "Mechanically Reconfigurable slot Array Using Accordion-like Microactuator,Advised by Nima Ghalichechian.  
  • 2nd place: Aditya Nechiyil, "Anomalous IC Detection using a Cavity Resonator" Advised by Rob Lee
  • 3rd place: Brandi Downs, "Using Reflected GNSS Signals Observed from Space to Monitor Wetland Inundation," Advised by Andrew O'Brien and Joel Johnson


Three-Minute Thesis Winners

  • 1st place: Aditya Nechiyil, "Counterfeit IC Detection using a Cavity Resonator,Advised by Rob Lee.  
  • 1st place: Oguz Demir, "Wideband radiometry for Arctic sea ice thickness and salinity retrieval," Advised by Joel Johnson.
  • 2nd place: Ryan Linnabary, "Airborne GNSS Reflectometry in New Zealand," Advised by Joel Johnson.
  • 2nd place: Jacob Compaleo, "Exploiting Sparsity in Adaptive Relevance Vector Machine for Sensor Reconfiguration in Adaptive Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography," Advised by Inder Gupta
  • 3rd place: Keren Zhu, "Cardiac Magnetic Field Device: Cheap & Portable," Advised by Asimina Kiourti


    • 1st place: "GRAPh Probability for Logic Locking Evaluation (GRAPPLLE)". Authors: Chris Taylor (poster presenter), Hesham Elgamal and Waleed Khalil. 
    • 2nd place: "Wireless, Batteryless Brain Implants". Authors: Katrina Guido (poster presenter) and Asimina Kiourti. 
    • 3rd place: "Scalable and Adaptive Trusted Transceivers". Authors: Mike Kines (poster presenter) and Waleed Khalil.
    • 4th place: "Exploiting Sparsity in Adaptive Relevance Vector Machine for Sensor Reconfiguration in Adaptive Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography". Authors: Daniel Ospina Acero (poster presenter) and Fernando Teixeira.
    • 5th place: "ROIC Development Platform for Mid-wave Infrared Detectors Operating in both Photocurrent and Open Circuit Voltage (VocP) Sensing Modes". Authors: Gus Fragasse (poster presenter), Shane Smith and Waleed Khalil.


    • 1st place: "High Resolution, Wide Bandwidth and Multi-mode Arbirtrary Waveform Generator (AWG) for Telemetry Applications". Authors: Ahmed Naguib Mohamed (poster presenter), Mo’men Abusareya, Luke Duncan, Brian Dupaix, Matt Larue, Eslam Yahya, Shane Smith, Waleed Khalil.
    • 2nd place (2): "The Ultra-Wideband Software Defined Radiometer (UWBRAD) for Internal Ice Sheet Sensing: Recent Results and Campaign Planning". Authors: Mark J. Andrews (poster presenter), Joel T. Johnson, Hongkun Li, Mustafa Aksoy, Kenneth Jezek.
    • 2nd place (2): "High Gain UWB Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna for 2.5-57 GHz Applications". Authors: Jack Eichenberger (poster presenter), Nima Ghalichechian.
    • Featured news article on the 2018 recipients



    1st place:  “Situational Awareness Using GNSS Adaptive Antennas”. Authors: Leo Tchorowski (poster presenter), Inder J. Gupta. 

    2nd place: “ESL Passive Radar E-Scanned Phased Subarray Antenna” Authors:  Matt Barr (poster presenter), J. Landon Garry, Graeme E. Smith.


    1st place:  “Novel Concepts for Slow Wave Structures used in High Power BWO’s and TWT Amplifiers”. Authors: Ushemadzoro Chipengo (poster presenter), Muhammed Zuboraj, John L. Volakis.

    2nd place (1): “Ultra-Wideband Antennas for Satellite Communications up to Ku- and Ka-Band”. Authors:  Markus H. Novak (poster presenter), John L. Volakis, Félix A. Miranda.

    2nd place (2): “Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Radar”. Authors: Kyle B. Stewart (poster presenter), Abishek Mohan, Joel T. Johnson.