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ESL Short Courses Schedule

Time\Date  Wednesday, August 8 Thursday, August 9 Friday, August 10






Room: Pfahl 230

Adaptive Antennas for GNSS Receivers


Jiti Gupta

Body Area Sensing: from E-Textiles to Wireless Implants

Asimina Kiourti​

Recent Developments in Spectroscopic Sensor Technology

Christopher Ball






Room: Pfahl 240

Atmospheric Electromagnetic Propagation


Caglar Yardim


Full-Day Course


RF Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems and Devices

Nima Ghalichechian

Introduction to Hardware Security:
Trojans, Counterfeits, and Security in an Interconnected World


Brian Dupaix







Room: Pfahl 230

Understanding Passive Radar:
From Fundamental Theory to Advanced Applications

Graeme E. Smith

Chip-Scale Nonlinear Integrated Photonics

Ronald M. Reano

Cube Sats: Revolutionizing Access to Space-Based Research

Christopher Ball





Room: Pfahl 240 

Anechoic Chamber Design for Direct Antenna Measurements


Teh-Hong Lee


Standard Pedestrian and Bicyclist Targets Development
for Vehicular Pre-collision mm-Wave Radar Systems

Chi-Chih Chen