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Waleed Khalil |  Professor

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The Circuit Laboratory for Advanced Sensors and Systems was founded by Dr. Waleed Khalil in 2009 and is housed in the ElectroScience Laboratory (ESL) complex. As part of The Ohio State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the ESL is a major center-of-excellence that has consistently maintained national and international preeminence in EM and Radio Frequency (RF) circuits & systems. 

CLASS is sponsored by contracted research and collaboration with commercial and government organizations. The research is also enabled by shared experimental facilities of the ESL. The lab is equipped with state of the art infrastructure including CAD tools, wafer/package test facilities, and access to in house and external foundries. 

Since its establishment, the lab has made significant contributions to RF and mm-wave circuits and systems. Research activities of the lab focus on high-speed wireline and wireless systems and mixed-signal circuits. 




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The Center for Enabling Cyber Defense in Analog and Mixed-Signal Domain (CYAN) is a joint effort hosted by The University of Florida and The Ohio State University.  An outstanding research program and team, strong government and industry partnership paired with effective education and capacity building are the fundamentals of CYAN.

The CYAN mission is to establish multidisciplinary research in the area of hardware-enabled cybersecurity through innovation and development of new AMS domain security; addressing a major gap that exists in H/W security’s digital research focus.

If you are interested in learning more about CYAN or would like to view our CYAN Students research, please view our CYAN Website.


Microelectronics security and trust has become and essential and significant component of cybersecurity. National Microelectronics Security Training Center (MEST) is a program that is planning and developing comprehensive training programs in microelectronics design and security.

Distinctive aspects of the MEST program include:

  • Collaboration between multiple universities.
  • Establishing an ecosystem of training modules and options to suit the need for diverse government and industry employees.
  • Strong emphasis on hands-on learning. This includes teaching state-of-the-art computer-aided design tools (CAD) and hands-on hardware design, hacking, and countermeasure tools.
  • Major courses and certificate programs
  • Comprehensive coverage of all security topics – from devices, architectures, to integrated circuits, to platforms, and to large systems.
  • Offering major courses and certificate programs, unique in the nation.
  • Self-learning kits for hardware and systems security topic available for remote training and busy professionals.
  • Training material made available on secure cloud, e.g. TSS.

Please visit the MEST Website for more details.


Circuit board design
Circuit board


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Student presents research in Italy

Gus Fragasse recently presented his research at the PRIME 2022 conference in Sardinia, Italy.

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CLASS is always looking for skilled researchers.

 If you're interested in applying, please contact Dr. Waleed Khalil ( by email with a copy of your CV, transcripts, and a list of publications. Due to the high email volume, we may not be able to respond to each applicant.