RF/Microwave Facility

student working in lab with equipment

RF Design and Characterization

ESL has a complete complement of RF test and simulation capabilities including: 

  • Hewlett-Packard 8510B and 8753C network analyzer (300KHz-18GHz)
  • Agilent 8722ET (50MHz-40GHz)
  • Agilent N5250A PNA mmW Network Analyzer (10MHz to 110GHz)
  • Agilent E8362B (10MHz - 20GHz)
  • Agilent N5242A PNA-X performance analyzer (10MHz to 26GHZ)
  • Agilent ESA-E spectrum analyzer (9kHz - 26.5GHz)
  • Anritsu 68369 A/NV signal generator (10MHz - 40GHz)
  • Agilent E4991A RF impedance analyzer (1MHz - 3GHz)
  • Tektronix AWG 2041 arbitrary waveform generator (250 MS/s clock rate provides up to 125 MHz waveforms)
  • Agilent EES of Series IV and Advanced Design System (ADS): RF/Microwave Computer-Aided Design
  • Ansoft HFSS: High-Frequency Structure Simulator Finite Element Analysis

Wireless Communication and Millimeter-Wave Laboratory

SEM representation of RF circuits

This laboratory contains a wide variety of measurement and testing equipment for characterizations up to 110GHz.

  • Agilent E5053A Signal Source Analyzer with harmonic mixers (11970V)  for operation up to 110 GHz
  • Agilent E5052B Signal Source Analyzer, SSA with mixers for up to 50-75 GHz
  • Spectrum Analyzer 50GHz+ mm head for up to 50-75GHz
  • Agilent E8257D-567 RF/LO source for  LNAs, Mixers, PGA, up to 67GHz
  • Agilent N8975AZ-K63 Noise Source Generator for up to 50-63GHz
  • Agilent 89650S Wideband Vector Signal Analyzer+Spectrum Analyzer+Phase noise (3Hz to 26.5GHz, 80 MHZ bandwidth digitizer 3G, 802.16 OFDM, WLAN).
  • Agilent E8267D PSG analog signal generator, 250 kHz to 40GHz, AM, FM, phase modulation
  • Agilent E8267D PSG vector signal generator, 250 KHz to 40 GHz, 6 GB Internal Hard drive,  Internal baseband generator, 64 MSa memory, AM, FM, phase modulation and LF output
  • Agilent E4448A Spectrum Analyzer PSA with mmW head (11970V) for up to 75GHz
  • Agilent E8257D-567 Signal Generator PSG with E8257DS10 mm source  for up to 110 GHz operation
  • Agilent MXA N9020A-526 Signal Analyzer PSG with  N8975AZ-K75 Block down-convert and 346C-K01 Noise source
  • Cascade 4-head probe station for up to 60GHz characterization
  • Cascade 2-head probe station for up to 110GHz characterization

This equipment can be used for mmWave and wireless chip evaluations, active load-pull measurements, testing of Bluetooth V2.0 enhanced data rate chip and integrated inductors.

User Facility

Interested in using our RF/Microwave equipment? Please reach out to Jeff Blankenship at blankenship.32@osu.edu.