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Ceramics Fabrication Facility

This facility was made possible through a 2006 DURIP award from Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR). The facility includes equipment that enables investigations involving the vertical integration of wireless and optical technology. The equipment includes:

  • Milling machine from T-Tech, model# QC-HF
  • Screen printer from Affiliated Manufacturers, Inc., model#MSP-485
  • Laminator from Pacific Trienetics Corporation, model# IL-4000 8
  • Collating Tool from Pacific Trinetics Corporation
  • Furnace from Applied Test Systems
  • Dicing Saw from Aremco, model#5255
  • 3D ink jet printer for ceramic processing from Xaar & Vivid
  • Robocaster for ceramic processing, from 3D Inks
  • Atmosphere and rate-controlled drying furnace from ATS
  • Atmosphere-controlled hot press from Instron