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Distributed-Memory Parallel Supercomputer and Software

Our close collaboration with the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) puts several industrial-scale supercomputers at our disposal for extremely large-scale electromagnetics simulation, but that’s only part of the story. The ElectroScience Lab also hosts Cadence Design Environment and an in-house 7-node supercomputer. That supercomputer consists of 28 Quad Core Xeon processors and 480 GB of memory on an Infiniband™ Switched-Fabric Network topology.

Our efforts were recently rewarded with a generous donation form Intel of sixteen 10-Core Xeon processors, all of which were turned into two 40-Core Xeon Stand-Alone Servers and four smaller 20-Core systems for use by our members.

It’s our relationships with business and others on campus which allow us to provide our students access to packages such as HFSS, Cadence, Comsol, FEKO, ADS, CST MicroWave Studio, AutoCAD, Matlab, Allegro, LabView, ModelSIM, L-Edit, and the full suite of Intel Compilers.