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75 Years of ElectroScience Innovation


Wearable Electronics: Smart Clothes and e-Textiles
Helios Laboratory: Terahertz research at the ElectroScience Laboratory 
Professor John Volakis receives the 2016 Distinguished Scholar Award in a surprise ceremony on February 18, 2016. 


The Ultra-Wideband Software-Defined Microwave Radiometer (UWBRAD) for Ice Sheet Temperature Sensing: Instrument Status and Experiment Plans: Dr. Joel Johnson's presentation at the IGARRS 2015 in Milan, Italy on July 31, 2015.


To learn more about Dr. Johnson's research on UWBRAD, please click here.


Watch Ann Fisher, host of WOSU's Tech Tuesday and All Sides with Ann Fisher, interview Dr. Chi-Chih Chen and Will Zell of the Nikola Labs about the company's innovative product. Fast forward to 15 minute mark to listen to this particular segment.


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Dr. Rob Lee and Will Zell intoduce the iPhone 6 smart phone case, manufactured by Nikola Labs, at the TechCruch NY event. The case allows the cell phone to extend its battery life by 30% converting RF energy to DC power through a rectifier that is developed at ESL.


To learn more about the invention, please visit our news page or click here.

ESL Graduate Students, Safa Salman and Markus Novak, are part of the team that wins 2nd place in the Business Plan Competition Challenge held by the Fisher College of Business.

Haksu Moon, ESL Graduate Student and one of the recipients of OSU's Presidential Fellowship.


Click here to read an article on Haksu's research at ESL.


2014: Biomedical Sensors for Imaging and Neurological Monitoring presented by John L. Volakis, PhD.


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2013: Meet Chris Baker. Ph.D. and learn about his research in the application of cognition to radar sensors.


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2012: Meet William Moulder (PhD ’12, electrical and computer engineering), describing his then research at ESL


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2012: ESL Overview and Research Highlights