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Prof. Teixeira Awarded Three-Year $269,000 NSF Grant

Fernando Teixeira, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, recently received a three-year $269,231 National Science Foundation Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems grant for “New Physics-Based Inverse-Scattering Techniques For Ultrawideband Distributed Sensing.”

This research seeks to develop robust physics-based ultra-wideband inverse scattering techniques to detect obscured targets in random media using radio-frequency (RF) and microwave signals. The results of this research have the potential to benefit search-and-rescue operations where rescue teams must be able to locate hidden survivors under collapsed buildings, landslides, and other debris. They will also benefit surveillance systems for detecting objects and personnel behind walls (thru-wall imaging), through smoke, and under roofs. This project builds upon Prof. Teixeira's prior CAREER project, also funded by the National Science Foundation.