New camera can 'see' through almost anything

Posted: February 14, 2014

An article detailing the work of ECE post-doctoral researcher Georgios Trichopoulos and Professor Kubilay Sertel to build a camera than can “see” through practically any material will receive an award as one of the most read articles on

The Inspiration Award is given to the top 10 stories on the site in terms of page views.

Electronic Products identified this invention as one of the year’s best technologies, and presented Trichopoulos and Sertel with the award.

The camera’s operating video format allows for the elimination of the three-second pause that occurs during airport security screenings. This technology will be help  security officials in airports, ensuring that the all passengers boarding flights are not armed and dangerous. The wavelengths  used are much safer than existing x-ray-based devices. Other uses include detecting tumors and other internal bodily maladies.

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