2014 Early Career Innovator of the Year: Dr. Kubilay Sertel

Posted: November 3, 2014

Dr. Kubilay Sertel received this prestigious university award as a result of his research activities that focus on Terahertz-frequency sensing, imaging and communications. He developed and commercialized the first real-time, high sensitivity terahertz camera used for medical, communication and security applications. This video camera “sees” in THz wavelengths. Unlike commercial optical cameras that capture light photons using semiconductor-based sensors, the much longer THz wavelengths use microscopic-scale antennas to capture THz power for detection. For more information, please visit http://research.osu.edu/2014/10/innovators/


Vice President for Research Caroline Whitacre stands with David Maung and Kubilay Sertel. (photo by Kevin Fitzsimons)