HELIOS Lab: Exploring Uncharted THz Spectrum

Posted: June 29, 2016

The focus of Hyperspectral Engine Lab for Integrated Optical Systems (HELIOS) is dedicated toward fostering and encouraging ongoing research in the relatively uncharted realms of the terahertz spectrum, a wavelength that lies in the gap between microwaves and infrared light. Read the featured article by Ryan Horns about the ground breaking research conducted at the Helios lab, established in 2010 with funds awarded by The Wright Center for Sensor Systems Engineering, an Ohio Third Frontier program, and how it helps industry and small business utilize The Ohio State resources for terahertz and millimeter wave research applications that apply to imaging, spectroscopy, sensing, communications and integrated circuits.

Click here to watch featured video of the Helios Lab.

Image/Video credit: Ryan Horns, Public Relations Coordinator, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept.

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