Milestone for Wearable Electronics: Precision

Posted: June 29, 2016

Researchers at The Ohio State University have reached a milestone in their work to develop wearable electronics: They are able to embroider circuits into fabric with 0.1 mm precision—the perfect size to integrate electronic components such as sensors and computer memory devices into clothing. Next step? Design functional textiles—shirts that act as antennas for your smart phone or tablet, workout clothes that monitor your fitness level, sports equipment that monitors athletes’ performance, a bandage that tells your doctor how well the tissue beneath it is healing—or even a flexible fabric cap that senses activity in the brain. Click here to read the story of this exiting emerging technology and learn about how ESL researchers, Dr. John L. Volakis and Dr. Asimina Kiourti, are developing this ground breaking technology.

Click here to watch a video about the research conducted at ESL on wearable electronics, and interviews with Drs. Asimina Kiourti and John L. Volakis.


Image/Video credit: Ryan Horns, Public Relations Coordinator, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept.



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