2016 CERF Best Poster Award Recipients

Posted: August 4, 2016

At the 7th Annual CERF Meeting that was held at the Blackwell Inn and Pfahl Conference Center on Tuesday, August 2, 2016, 40 posters competed for the best poster award. Four sessions were held throughout the day that featured posters focusing on the research performed at ESL on the Antenna Design; Radar, Navigation and Sensing; EM Algorithms and Measurements; and RF Circuits and Optics, that were fully or partially funded by the Consortium. Majority of the presenters were ESL graduate students and most of these posters showcased their thesis research. Presenters had a chance to network not only with their peers and other ESL Researchers and Faculty, but also with the representatives of CERF Affiliates (Raytheon, Berriehill Corp., Northrop Grumman), who had the task of selecting top 5 based on the academic content (accuracy, methodology), appeal to audience (their rationale & comprehension) and overall quality of the layout (flow of the poster structure, images). The first and second place poster awardees receive $200 and $100 of monetary prize respectively along with a certificate acknowledging their successful presentation.  

We congratulate recipients for their successful presentation. These presenters are:

Top Winners:

Nicole Tchorowski. Photo Credit: Ryan Horns, ECE

--1st place:  “Situational Awareness Using GNSS Adaptive Antennas”.

Authors: Nicole Tchorowski (poster presenter), Inder J. Gupta. 






Matt Barr. Photo credit: Ryan Horns, ECE.

--2nd place: “ESL Passive Radar E-Scanned Phased Subarray Antenna”

Authors:  Matt Barr (poster presenter), J. Landon Garry, Graeme E. Smith





Dimitrios Papantonis. Photo credit: Ryan Horns, ECE.

--3rd place: “Tightly-Coupled Array with Integrated Reconfigurable Balun for Tunable Band Rejection”

Authors: Dimitrios Papantonis (poster presenter), John Volakis






Jeonghwan Park. Photo Credit: Ryan Horns, ECE.

--4th place: “Studies of TDS-1 GNSS-R Ocean Altimetry Using a Full DDM Retrieval Approach”

Authors: Jeonghwan Park (poster presenter), Joel T. Johnson, Andrew O’Brien, and Stephen T. Lowe





Luyao Xu. Photo Credit: Ryan Horns, ECE

--5th place: “UWB Lower Atmospheric Propagation (LATPROP) Measurement System”

Authors: Luyao Xu (poster presenter), Caglar Yardim