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ESL Students Will Compete for the Best Poster Award

Every year several students, researchers and faculty from ESL participate in the annual gathering of IEEE AP-S Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC-URSI Radio Science. This year's meeting will be held in San Diego, California on July 9-14, 2017. Ahead of this important meeting three ESL Ph.D. students, Qi Wang, Syed An Nazmus Saqueb and Nandhini Srinivasan have been selected as finalists for the student paper competition which is reserved for 15 highest ranked student papers. This year 159 papers were submitted to the competition, all of which received three independent blind reviews and average scores which were then used to rank the papers.

As a finalist, Qi, Syed and Nandhini will receive a $1600 stipend to be used to offset some of their travel expenses to attend the Symposium, including the production of the required poster. If they win one of the top three places, a monetary award and a certificate/plaque will be given to each student award recipient. The monetary awards are $700 for first place, $500 for second place, and $300 for third place. We congratulate each of these recipients for their hard work and illustrating excellence in research writing.

Below is a list of ESL graduate students who will be giving a poster presentation in this upcoming meeting as as a Finalist in the student paper competition:


  1. Qi Wang, "Range-Dependent Evaporation Duct Height Estimation from a Versatile Ship-Mounted X-band Receiving Array" co-authored by Robert Burkholder and Caglar Yardim
  2. Syed An Nazmus Saqueb, "Single-bit Compressive Imaging System for the mmW and THz Bands", co-authored by Kubilay Sertel
  3. Nandhini Srinivasan, "High-resolution Polarimetric THz Imaging for Biomedical Applications", co-authored by Cosan Caglayan, Niru Nahar and Kubilay Sertel