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NSF Grant to Advance Wireless Neural Implant Technology Research at ESL

Asimina Kiourti with her groupProf. Asimina Kiourti and her team of researchers received a 3-year grant to study “Fully-passive and wireless multi-channel neural recording for chronic in-vivo studies in animals.” Prof. Kiourti is leading the NSF-funded effort on creating a new class of wireless and battery-less neural implants to solve long-term reliability and safety issues in current brain implant technology. If fully developed, the results could lead to unobtrusive and real-time diagnosis and treatment for such neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury, tremors, Parkinson’s disease, addictions, epilepsy and others. Her collaborators are Prof. Vibhor Krishna of Department of Neurological Surgery, Professor Zheng Joyce Wang of School of Communication and Florida International University International University (led by former Ohio State electrical and computer engineering professor John Volakis) and Arizona State University. To learn more about on team Kiourti’s win on wireless neural implant technology and research details, please click here to read the featured article by Ryan Horns.

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