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Video: Origami Textile Antennas

Recent Undergraduate Honors Research Scholarship winner, Shreyas Chaudhari, discusses his work at The Ohio State University with Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Dr. Asimina Kiourti at the ElectroScience Laboratory and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Assistant Professor Dr. Ryan Harne.

Watch the video here. 

Chaudhari is developing an origami-based tessellated antenna whose operating frequency and radiation pattern can be self-tuned by adjusting the shape of the antenna itself.

"The antenna is fabricated using polymer threads and can be easily integrated into clothing and mechanical structures to provide a non-invasive way to quantify flexion and deformation. The project provides a unique opportunity to incorporate art with electromagnetics, and I am very excited by the potential applications," he said.

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Project made possible from an Ohio State STEAM factory grant.

Video by: Ryan Horns, Public Relations Coordinator ECE/MRI