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ElectroScience Lab at State Fair


Christopher Ball

  • Research Scientist, Electroscience Lab
  • 614-292-5752

Christa McKelvey

  • Research Associate 2-Engineer, Electroscience Lab

Alexandra Bringer

  • Senior Research Assoc-Engineer, Electroscience Lab
  • 614-292-2530

Joel Johnson

  • Professor, Electrical & Computer Engr.
  • 614-292-1593

ESL was invited to present an exhibit on CubeSat technology at the 2019 Ohio State Fair. The Ohio Technology and Engineering Educators Association hosts an annual Technology and Engineering Showcase at the fair. The Showcase provides youth, their parents, educators and other Fair visitors a variety of unique opportunities to engage in hands-on technology activities, demonstrations and to view exhibits of elementary, middle and high school students' technical design problem solving projects.


Researchers and Faculty, Chris Ball, Christa McKelvey, Alexandra Bringer, and Joel Johnson represented ESL at this event. ESL’s exhibit was housed in the Lausche Youth Center and focused on exciting developments in small satellite technology, including discussion on our very own CubeRRT satellite. We also provided a hands-on activity for kids to build their own CubeSat model based on NASA-provided promotional materials, and we offered a slideshow on all aspects of CubeSat research, development, and operations. The ESL exhibit was awarded the 2019 Best Technology Exhibit for the Technology and Engineering Showcase by the Ohio Technology & Engineering Educators Association. Congrats to all of those who contributed to this award winning exhibit!