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Annual CERF poster winners announced

Big thanks to everybody who participated in the CERF meeting!

We had 34 posters presented by students and researchers in 4 sessions throughout the day. The CERF affiliates voted on the posters. Congratulations to the top 5 winners!

CERF Poster 1st Place Winner Chris Taylor presenting poster on GRAPh Probability for Logic Locking Evaluation (GRAPPLLE)1st Place: Chris Taylor, GRAPh Probability for Logic Locking Evaluation (GRAPPLLE)
2nd Place: Katrina Guido, Wireless, Batteryless Brain Implants
3rd Place: Mike Kines, Scalable and Adaptive Trusted Transceivers
4th Place: Daniel Ospina Acero, Exploiting Sparsity in Adaptive Relevance Vector Machine for Sensor Reconfiguration in Adaptive Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography
5th Place: Gus Fragasse, ROIC Development Platform for Mid-wave Infrared Detectors Operating in both Photocurrent and Open Circuit Voltage (VocP) Sensing Modes