ESL professor wins ECE Outstanding Teacher award

Posted: August 26, 2019

In a new tradition for the electrical and computer engineering (ECE) program at The Ohio State University, each semester students help nominate faculty who went above and beyond for their classrooms.

On Monday, ECE Chair Hesham El Gamal announced the inaugural Spring 2019 Outstanding Teacher awards.

ESL Professor Fernando Teixeira was selected as one of six winners of this Outstanding Teacher Award.

The winning professors, as pictured from left, include Saeedeh Ziaeefard, Tawfiq Musah, Fernando Teixeira, Bradley Clymer, Andrea Serrani and Lee Potter.
"It is important to note that our exemplary faculty have achieved this remarkable level of excellence by making the material (and their wisdom) accessible to the students, in rather large classes, while maintaining a very high level of rigor and depth in their coverage of the material," El Gamal said. "Deciding on the list was not easy, as we have many great teachers in our department."

Gamal said the professors stood out in the Spring 2019 semester for their efforts to help students with the material, according to class input. 

Congrats to Fernando Teixeira on this outstanding achievement!

Adapted from Story by Ryan Horns, ECE/IMR Communications Specialist (

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