Stimson’s Introduction to Airborne Radar, 3rd Edition

George W. Stimson, Hugh Griffiths, Christopher Baker and Dave Adamy

IET publishing, May 2014

Hardcover, 772 pages

Greatly expanded from the best-selling second edition by George W.Stimson, Stimson’s Introduction to Airborne Radar, 3rd edition provides a complete overview of the major developments in air and space borne radars in line with advances in modern technology.

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Integral Equation Methods for Electromagnetics

John L. Volakis, Kubilay Sertel

Scitech Publishing, April 2012

Hardcover, 560 pages

This text/reference is a detailed look at the development and use of integral equation methods for electromagnetic analysis, specifically for antennas and radar scattering. Developers and practitioners will appreciate the broad-based approach to understanding and utilizing integral equation methods and the unique coverage of historical developments that led to the current state-of-the-art.

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Small Antennas: Miniaturization Techniques & Applications

John L. Volakis, Chi-Chih Chen, Kyohei Fujimoto

McGraw-Hill, June 25, 2010

Hardcover, 448 pages

This authoritative text provides the most up-to-date methods on the theory and design of small antennas, including an extensive survey of small antenna literature published over the past several years. Written by experts at the forefront of antenna research, Small Antennas: Miniaturization Techniques & Applications begins with a detailed presentation of small antenna theory--narrowband and wideband--and progresses to small antenna design methods, such as materials and shaping approaches for multiband and wideband antennas.

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Radiowave Propagation: Physics and Applications

Curt Levis, Joel T. Johnson, Fernando L. Teixeira 

Wiley, June 2010

Hardcover, 320 pages

Propagation-the process whereby a signal is conveyed between transmitter and receiver-has a profound influence on communication systems design. Radiowave Propagation provides an overview of the physical mechanisms that govern electromagnetic wave propagation in the Earth's troposphere and ionosphere. Developed in conjunction with a graduate-level wave propagation course at The Ohio State University, this text offers a balance of physical and empirical models to provide basic physical insight as well as practical methods for system design.

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Polymer-Ceramic Composites for Conformal Multilayer Antenna/RF Systems

Yijun Zhou, John L. Volakis, Chi-Chih Chen

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, July 2010

Paperback, 184 pages.

Future commercial and military communication systems require a new class of antennas and radio frequency (RF) front-ends that are small, light-weight, conformal, and multi-functional. This dissertation is dedicated to the development and application of the novel polymer-ceramic composites for future compact multilayer antennas and RF systems. The first half of the dissertation deals with the fabrication and characterization of the polymer-ceramic composites. Also, carbon nanotube (CNT) sheets are introduced for the first time to overcome the issues of reliable printing on polymers. The second half of the dissertation focuses on the application of the polymer-ceramic composites with carbon nanotube sheet printing. Two practical application examples are elaborated, namely (1) a compact anti-jamming GPS array and (2) a cylindrically conformal microstrip array. Both applications demonstrate the potentials of the polymer-ceramic composites for three-dimensional fabrication and multilayer packaging.

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  Computational Methods for High Frequency Electromagnetic Interference

Yakup Bayram and John L. Volakis
Verlag VDM, April 2009
Paperback, 140 pages

This book is the ideal resource for EMI/EMC researchers and engineers concerned about modeling high frequency EMI on cable bundles and electronics.

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Spectrum Management for Science in the 21st Century

Committee on Scientific Use of the Radio Spectrum

(Joel Johnson is one of the eighteen co-authors)

National Research Council, 2009

Paperback, 248 pages

Radio observations of the cosmos are gathered by geoscientists using complex earth-orbiting satellites and ground-based equipment, and by radio astronomers using large ground-based radio telescopes. Signals from natural radio emissions are extremely weak, and the equipment used to measure them is becoming ever-more sophisticated and sensitive.

The radio spectrum is also being used by radiating, or "active," services, ranging from aircraft radars to rapidly expanding consumer services such as cellular telephones and wireless internet. These valuable active services transmit radio waves and thereby potentially interfere with the receive-only, or "passive," scientific services. Transmitters for the active services create an artificial "electronic fog" which can cause confusion, and, in severe cases, totally blinds the passive receivers.

Both the active and the passive services are increasing their use of the spectrum, and so the potential for interference, already strong, is also increasing. This book addresses the tension between the active services' demand for greater spectrum use and the passive users' need for quiet spectrum. The included recommendations provide a pathway for putting in place the regulatory mechanisms and associated supporting research activities necessary to meet the demands of both users.

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Antenna Engineering Handbook, 4th Edition

John Volakis
McGraw Hill Professional, June 2007
Hardback, 1800 pages

The “bible of antenna engineering” fully updated to provide state-of-the-art coverage in antenna design and applications.

Chapter 53 "Propagation" by Prof. Joel Johnson.

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Frequency Domain Hybrid Finite Element Methods for Electromagnetics

John Volakis, Kubilay Sertel, Brian Usner
Morgan and Claypool Publishers, 2006
Paperback, 156 pages

This book provides a brief overview of the popular Finite Element Method (FEM) and its hybrid versions for electromagnetics with applications to radar scattering, antennas and arrays, guided structures, microwave components, frequency selective surfaces, periodic media, and RF materials characterizations and related topics.

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  Radio Design in Nanometer Technologies

Mohammed Ismail and Delia González
Springer, December 2006
Hardcover, 328 pages

This book addresses current trends and future directions in radio design for wireless applications. As radio transceivers constitute the major bottleneck in a wireless chipset in terms of power consumption and die size, the radio must be designed in the context of the entire system, end to end. Therefore the book will address wireless systems as well as the DSP parts before it gets into coverage of radio design issues.

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Adaptive Techniques for Mixed Signal System on Chip

Aymen Fayed and Mohammed Ismail
Springer, 2006
Hardcover, 178 pages

This book is devoted to the subject of adaptive techniques for smart analog and mixed signal design whereby fully functional first-pass silicon is achievable. The techniques described should lead to quantum improvement in design productivity of complex analog and mixed signal systems while significantly cutting the spiraling costs of product development in emerging nanometer technologies.

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CMOS PLLs and VCOs for 4G Wireless

Adem Aktas and Mohammed Ismail
Springer, 2004
Hardcover, 175 pages

This is the first book devoted to the subject of CMOS PLL and VCO design for future broadband 4th generation wireless devices. These devices will be handheld-centric, requiring very low power consumption and small footprint. They will be able to work across multiple bands and multiple standards. As such, this book discusses design, modeling and optimization techniques for low power fully integrated broadband PLLs and VCOs in deep submicron CMOS.

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Multi-Standard CMOS Wireless Receivers: Analysis and Design

Xiaopeng Li and Mohammed Ismail
Springer, 2002
Hardcover, 168 pages

This is the first book on the subject of multi-standard wireless receivers. It covers both the analysis and design aspects of CMOS radio receivers with primary focus on receivers for mobile terminals. The subject of multi-standard data converter design for base stations is also covered.

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RF CMOS Power Amplifiers : Theory, Design and Implementation

Mona M. Hella and Mohammed Ismail
Springer, 2002
Hardcover, 112 pages

This book focuses on the design procedure and the testing issues of CMOS RF power amplifiers. This is the first monograph addressing RF CMOS power amplifier design for emerging wireless standards. The book discusses CMOS power amplifier design principles and theory and describes the architectures and tradeoffs in designing linear and nonlinear power amplifiers.

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  Data Converters for Wireless Standards

Chunlei Shi and Mohammed Ismail
Springer, 2002
Hardcover, 144 pages

Wireless communication is witnessing tremendous growth with proliferation of different standards covering wide, local and personal area networks. Central to achieving goals associated with this is the design of data converters for these emerging standards in the context of technology and market trends. This book presents the design of such converters and introduces the underlying circuit design principles.

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High-Speed Heterostructure Devices

Patrick Roblin and Hans Rohdin
Cambridge University Press, April 2002
Hardback, 724 pages

High-Speed Heterostructure Devices describes modern high-speed semiconductor devices intended for both graduate students and practicing engineers. The book details the underlying physics of heterostructures as well as some of the most recent techniques for modeling and simulating these devices. The emphasis is on heterostructure devices of the immediate future such as the MODFET, HBT and RTD.

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  Antennas for All Applications, 3rd Edition

John Kraus and Ronald Marhefka
McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math, November 2001
Hardcover, 960 pages

This is an exciting revision of John Kraus' classic book Antennas, which has been long known as the "Antenna Bible". A new co-author, Ronald Marhefka has joined the author team for this revison. Many new, modern applications have been added-thus the title change to Antennas with All Applications. As well, the references have been updated to include recent additons to the literature.

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  Frequency Selective Surfaces, Theory and Design

Ben Munk
Wiley-Interscience, April 2000
Hardcover, 440 pages

This book presents the complete derivation of the Periodic Method of Moments, which enables the reader to calculate quickly and efficiently the transmission and reflection properties of multi-layered Frequency Selective Surfaces comprised of either wire and/or slot elements of arbitrary shape and located in a stratified medium.

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  Finite Element Method for Electromagnetics: Antennas, Microwave Circuits, and Scattering Applications

John Volakis, Arindam Chatterjee, Leo Kempel
Wiley-IEEE Press, June 1998
Paperback, 368 pages

Many popular electromagnetic simulation packages employ the finite element method and its hybrid versions for robust and adaptable modeling.  This book covers the theory, development, implementation and application of the finite element method and its hybrid versions to electromagnetics.

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Multimedia Technology For Applications

Bing Sheu and Mohammed Ismail
Wiley-IEEE Press, July 1998
Hardcover, 702 pages

"This single, expertly-written volume brings you in-depth, interdisciplinary coverage of today's state-of-the-art multimedia technology--the combined work of more than 20 leaders in the field..."

Sponsored by: IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, IEEE Solid-State Circuits Council/Society.

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  Approximate Boundary Conditions in Electromagnetics

Thomas Senior and John Volakis
The Institution of Electrical Engineers, March 1995.
Hardcover, 363 pages

Non-metallic and composites are now commonplace in modern vehicle construction, and the need to compute scattering and other electromagnetic phenomena in the presence of material structures has led to the development of simulation techniques. This book describes a variety of methods for the approximate simulation of the material surfaces, and provides a comprehensive treatment of boundary conditions in electromagnetics.