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Academic Years:

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Linearity Analysis of Wide Bandwidth Sample and Hold Amplifier for GSPS ADCs in Direct Sampling Receivers Ramy Tantawy W. Khalil
Studies on the Effects of rough Surfaces on Electromagnetic Scattering Ethan Raines J. Johnson 
Mapping Inland Surface Waster with Spaceborne GNSS Refectometry and SAR Brandi Downs J. Johnson
Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and Model Order Reduction in Computational Electromagnetic Julio De Lima Nicolini F. Teixeira
Linthium Niobate on Insulator Integrated Optics for Low Propagation and Coupling Losses Karan Prabhakar R. Reano
Vanadium Dioxide Reflectarray Antennas

Jordan Ramsey

A. Kiourti
VO2 Material Study and Implementation in Reconfigurable mmWave and Thermo-Optic Devices Mark Lust A. Kiourti


Non-contact Sensing of Bio-magnetic Field in Non-Shielded Environments Keren Zhu A. Kiourti
Novel Tunable Photonic True Time Delay Devices for Ultra-wideband Beamforming for mmWave Communications Banaful Paul N. Nahar
Improved Radio Frequency Emitter Geolocation from an Airborne Antenna Array using Sparse Representation Jacob Compaleo I. Gupta
An Investigation of Adaptive Remote Sensing Methods for Spaceborne Cloud Profiling Radar Jakob DeLong J. Johnson
From Invasive Neurosensing to Noninvasive Radiometric Core and Brain Monitoring Katrina (Guiido) Tisdale A. Kiourti
Acceleration Methods of Discontinuous Galerkin Integral Equation for Maxwell's Equations Chung Hyun Lee J. F. Lee
Novel Ultra-wideband Vivaldi Antenna and Mechanically Reconfigurable Antenna Arrays Jack Eichenberger N. Ghalichechian


Sensor Reconfigurability through Uncertainty Reduction in Adaptive Electrical Volume Tomography Daniel Ospina Acero F. Teixeira
Control of optical polarization and spatial distribution in silicon waveguides using Berry's phase Ryan Patton R. Reano
Using Leaky Coaxial Cables as Proximity Sensors: Numerical Modeling, Experiments, and Investigation Zhenyu Wang

A. Kiourti and R. Lee

Wearable Elecrically Small Resonant Loops for Seamless Motion Capture wand Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) Vigyanshu Mishra A. Kiourti
Remote Sensing of Sea Ice with Wideband Microwave Radiometry Oguz Demir J. Johnson
Novel Streamlined Methodology for Designing Microstrip Series-Fed Antenna Arrays with Arbitrary Realizable Patterns Jeffrey Blanco C-C Chen
Passive Radar Imaging with Multiple Transmitters Aaron Brandewie B. Burkholder
Mechanical Deformaiton of Electronic Textile Antennas: Approaches and Technology Saad Alharbi A. Kiourti
Exploiting Phase-Change Material for Millimeter Wave Applications Shangyi Chen N. Ghalichechian
Electrical capacitance volume tomography (ECVT) based imaging and velocimetry for two-phase flow measurements Shah Mahmud Hasan Chowdhury F. Teixeira
Design Considerations for 500 - 2000 MHz Ultra-Wideband Radiometric Measurements Mark Andrews J. Johnson
Heterodyne Beam Steering Techniques for 5G Communications    Wei Jian Foo K. Sertel
Metal Only and Mechanically Reconfigurable Reflectarrays Kendrick Henderson N. Ghalichechian


Measurement Accuracy Evaluation for Passive Radar Systems Moayad Alslaimy B. Burkholder
Computational Electromagnetics for Radar Signature Reduction of Aerial Vehhicles Kheng-Hwee Lim J-F Lee
Parabolic Wave Equation based Model for Propagation through Complex and Random Environments Swagato Mukherjee C. Yardim
Accurate Clutter Power Modeling Technique for Very Low Grazing Angles with RFC Capable Radar Design and Demonstration Joshua Compaleo C. Yardim
A Compact Universal Antenna System for Automobiles Jiukun Che C-C Chen
Periodic Poling of Lithium Niobate Thin Films for Integrated Nonlinear Optics Jonathan Tyler Nagy R. Reano
Fully adaptive radar for detection and tracking Jonas Christiansen G. Smith & J. Johnson
Formulation and application of a physics-based model for the amplitude distribution of bistatic sea clutter Ahmed Balakhder J. Johnson
Millimeter-wave Antenna Arrays with High Efficiency Jiantong Li N. Ghalichechian
Bio-Matched Antennas for Into-Body Radiation John (Jack) Blauert A. Kiourti
Novel Characteristic-Mode-Based Synthesis and Analysis Method for Reflectarray Antennas Abdul Maalik R. Rojas
Investigation of Coherent Reflections of GNSS-R Using GYGNSS Eric Loria I. Gupta
Advancing fully adaptive radar concepts for real-time parameter adaptation and decision making Peter John-Baptiste J. Johnson
Studies of Land and Ocean Remote Sensing Using Spaceborne GNSS-R Systems Mohammad Al-Khaldi J. Johnson
Sparse-Constrained Equivalent Element Distribution Method to Represent Measured Antenna Data in Numerical Electromagnetics Codes Leo Tchorowski I. Gupta
Security Framework for Logic Locking Through Local and Global Structural Analysis Christopher Taylor W. Khalil
Paraffin-Based RF Microsystems for Millimeter Wave Reconfigurable Antennas Behnam Ghassemiparvin N. Ghalichechian
A Systematic Low Power, Wide Tuning Range, and Low Phase Noise mm-Wave VCO Design Methodology for 5G Applications Saeed Alzahrani W. Khalil


Studies of Electromagnetic Backscattering from Ocean Surfaces Shanka Wijesundara J. Johnson
Multi-frequency Atmospheric Refractivity Inversion Luyao Xu C. Yardim
Ultra-wideband On-Chip Phased Arrays for Millimeter-wave and Terahertz Applications Seckin Sahin K. Sertel
Optical-True Time Delay Device for mm-Wave Antenna Array Beamforming Raed Almhmadi K. Sertel
Investigation of Advanced Spaceborne GNSS-R Techniques Using the SMAP Satellite Matthew Buchanan J. Johnson
Direct Evaluation of Hyper-singularity in Integral Equation with Adaptive Mesh Refinement Shaoxin Peng J. F. Lee
Echoic Flow for Guidance and Control Saif Alsaif G. Smith
Array-Based Localization in DTV Passive Radar Huimin (Jamie) Huang G. Smith
Toward Imaging of Multiphase Flows using Electrical Capacitance Tomography Rafiul Rasel Teixeira
A Multi-Channel, Impedance-Matching, Wireless, Passive Recorder for Medical Applications Wei-Chuan Chen  Volakis & Kiourti

Computational THz Imaging: High-resolution THz Imaging via Compressive Sensing and Phase-retrieval Algorithm

Syed An Nazmu Saqueb Sertel



Integration of Radio Frequency Harvesting with Low Power Sensors  Brock Delong Volakis
A Fully-Integrated Four-way Outphasing Architecture in Heterogeneously Integrated CMOS/GaN Process Technologies  Matthew LaRue Khalil
Advancements and Applications of the Fully Adaptive Radar Framework Adam Mitchell G. Smith
Beamforming Techniques for Frequency-Selective and Millimeter-Wave Indoor Broadcast Channels Carlos Viteri Mera Teixeira
New Imaging Approaches for Process Tomography Based on Capacitive Sensors  Cagdas Gunes Teixeira 
Numerical Modeling and Computation of Radio Frequency Devices Jiaqing Lu Jin-Fa Lee
Capacitively-Coupled, Pseudo Return-to-Zero Input, Latched-Bias Data Receiver Brandon Mathieu Khalil
High Resolution, Wide Bandwidth and Multi-mode Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) for Telemetry Applications Ahmed Mohamed Khalil
Electromagnetic Particle-in-Cell Algorithms on Unstructured Meshes for Kinetic Plasma Simulations Dong-Yeop Na Teixeira
Design and Heterogeneous Integration of Single and Dual Band Pulse Modulated Class E RF Power Amplifiers S M Shahriar Rashid Khalil




Progress in Adaptive Electrical Capacitance Tomography Zeeshan Teixeira
Efficient Microwave Imaging Algorithms with On-Body Sensors for Real-Time Biomedical Detection and Monitoring Md. Asiful Islam Volakis
Tightly-Coupled Arrays with Reconfigurable Bandwidth

Dimitris Papantonis

Imaging Methods for Passive Radar Landon Garry G. Smith
Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converters for Near-Threshold Design Moataz Abdelfattah Khalil
Low Cost Ultra-Wideband Millimeter-Wave Phased Arrays Markus Novak Volakis
Hybrid Numerical Models for Fast Design of Terahertz Plasmonic Devices Shubhendhu Bhardwaj Volakis
Simultaneous Transmit/Receive Multi-Functional Ultra-Wideband Transceiver with Reduced Hardware Satheesh Bojja venkatakrishnan  Volakis

Refractivity Inversion Utilizing X-Band Array Measurement System

Jonathan Pozderac Johnson
Novel Concepts for Slow Wave Structures used in High Power Backward Wave Oscillators Ushemadzoro Chipengo Volakis
Tightly Coupled Dipole Array with Integrated Phase Shifters for Millimeter-Wave Connectivity Anas Abumunshar Sertel

A 10-bit DC-20 GHz Multiple-Return-to-Zero DAC with >48 dB SFDR

Luke Duncan Khalil
Achieving Efficient Spectrum Usage in Passive and Active Sensing Huaiyi Wang Johnson
Development of Trust Metrics for Quantifying Design Integrity and Error Implementation Cost Adam Kimura Bibyk
Advancing Millimeter-Wave Vehicular Radar Test Targets for Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) Sensor Evaluation Domenic Belgiovane Chen
Multi-Attribute Design for Authentication and Reliability (MADAR) Matthew Casto Khalil
Investigations of GNSS-R for Ocean Wind, Sea Surface Height, and Land Surface Remote Sensing Jeonghwan Park Johnson
Physics-Based Near-Field Microwave Imaging Algorithms for Dense Layered Media Kai Ren Burkholder
Broadband Antennas and Arrays on Conductive Textile Threads Jingni Zhong Volakis



High Range Resolution Micro-Doppler Radar Theory and Its Application to Human Gait Classification Zachary Cammenga G. Smith
Novel Method to Control Antenna Currents Based on Theory of Characteristic Modes Ezdeen Elghannai  Rojas
Active Silicon Photonic Devices Based on Degenerate Band Edge Resonances Michael Wood Reano
Nullspace MUSIC and Improved Radio Frequency Emitter Geolocation from a Mobile Antenna Array Andrew Kintz Gupta
Coupled Transmission Line Based Slow Wave Structures for Traveling Wave Tubes Applications Md. Rasedul Zuboraj Volakis
Robust Numerical Electromagnetic Eigenfunction Expansion Algorithms Kamalesh Sainath Teixeira
A Wireless, Fully-Passive Recorder for Medical Applications Cedric Lee Volakis
Compensation and Calibration Techniques for High Performance Current-Steering DACs Samantha McDonnell Khalil
Enhanced Metamaterials for Reconfigurable mm-Wave and THz Systems Varittha Sanphuang Volakis
Analysis, Modeling & Exploitation of Variability in Radar Images Seung Ho Doo G. Smith

Non-Contact Probes: A Novel Approach for On-Wafer Characterization of Millimeter-Wave and Sub-Millimeter-Wave Devices and Integrated Circuits

Cosan Caglayan Sertel
Analytical and Experimental Study of Wide Tuning Range Low Phase Noise mm-Wave LC-VCOs Salma ElAbd Khalil



Waveform-Diverse Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Radar Imaging Measurements Kyle Stewart Johnson
Design, Analysis and Implementation of Fully-Integrated Millimeter-Wave Coupled-Oscillator Antenna Array Chuan-Chang (Ethan) Liu Rojas
Novel Implementations of Wideband Tightly Coupled Dipole Arrays for Wide-angle Scanning Ersin Yetisir Volakis

Degenerate Band Edge Resonators in Silicon Photonics

Justin Burr Reano
An Interleaved Multi-mode ΔΣ RF-DAC with Fully Integrated, AC Coupled Digital Input Jamin McCue Khalil

Radio Frequency Interference Characterization and Detection in L-band Microwave Radiometry

Mustafa Aksoy Johnson
A Wearable Real-Time and Non-Invasive Thoracic Cavity Monitoring System Safa Salman Volakis
Blind Adaptive Beamforming for GNSS Receivers Ying-Chieh (Jay) Chuang Gupta
Robust Algorithms for Electromagnetic Field Computation with Conduction Currents and Kinetic Charge-Transport Models Haksu Moon Teixeira

EM Modeling and Simulation of Microwave Electronic Components and Devices with Multi-scale and Multi-physics Effects

Jue Wang J. F. Lee
Non-Foster Circuit Design and Stability Analysis for Wideband Antenna Applications Aseim M. N. Elfrgani Rojas
Development of An Ultra-Wideband Low-Profile Wide Scan Angle Phased Array Antenna Henry Vo Chen
Development of an Ultra-Wideband Circularly Polarized Multiple Layer Dielectric Rod Antenna Design Gregory D. Wainwright Chen
Topics in Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture Using L-Band Radar Jeffrey D. Ouellette Johnson
Terahertz Spectroscopic Characterization and Imaging for Biomedical Applications Woon-Gi Yeo Sertel

Design and Optimization of Passive UHF RFID Tag Antenna for Mounting on or inside Material Layers

Shuai Shao Burkholder

Hybrid Silicon and Lithium Niobate Integrated Photonics

Li Chen Reano

Realization of a Low Cost, Low Complexity Traveling Wave Antenna

Nicholas Host Chen & Volakis

Full-Wave Electromagnetic Modeling of Electronic Device Parasitics for Terahertz Applications

Yasir Karisan Sertel

Design and Location Optimization of Electrically Small Antennas Using Modal Techniques​

Jeffrey Chalas Sertel & Volakis



Electronic Textile Antennas and Radio Frequency Circuits for Body-Worn Applications Zheyu Wang Volakis

Novel Closed-Loop Matching Network Topology for Reconfigurable Antenna Applications

Nathanael Smith

Sparsity and Compressed Sensing for Electromagnetic Scattering and Radiation Applications Andrew O'Donnell Burkholder
Analysis and Design of Coupled-Oscillator Arrays for Microwave Systems Renaud Moussounda Rojas
Ultra-wideband on-site-coding-receiver for digital beamforming applications Elias Alwan Volakis



Novel Metamaterial Blueprints and Elements for Electromagnetic Applications Hayrettin Odabasi Teixeira
Development of A Fast Converging Hybrid Method for Analyzing Three-Dimensional Doubly Periodic Structures Feng Wang R. Lee
Analysis and Design of Wide Tuning Range Low Phase Noise mm-wave LC-VCOs Qiyang Wu Khalil
Electromagnetic Time-Reversal Imaging and Tracking Techniques for Inverse Scattering and Wireless Communications Ahmed Fouda Teixeira
Novel Implementations of Coupled Microstrip Lines on Magnetic Substrates Nil Apaydin Sertel & Volakis
Wideband Low-Profile Antenna Arrays: Fundamental Limits and Practical Implementations Jonathan Doane Sertel & Volakis
Characterization of Pedestrian Electromagnetic Scattering at 76-77GHz Ming Chen Chen & Volakis

Studies on High-Speed Digital-To-Analog Conversion

Sidharth Balasubramanian Khalil
Antennas for Terahertz Applications: Focal Plane Arrays and On-chip Non-contact Measurement Probes Trichopoulos, Georgios C. Sertel



Novel Implementations of Ultrawideband Tightly Coupled Antenna Arrays William Moulder Sertel & Volakis
A Finite Element Boundary Element Method for Infinite Periodic Structures on Non-Periodic Meshes Using an Interior Penalty Formulation Seung-Cheol  Lee J.F. Lee
A Small-Perturbation Automatic-Differentiation (SPAD) Method for Evaluating Uncertainty in Computational Electromagnetics Michael S. Gilbert Teixeira
Conformal Body-Worn Smart Antenna System for Wideband UHF Operation Gil Young Lee Volakis
An Adaptive, Black-Box Model Order Reduction Algorithm Using Radial Basis Functions Matthew Stephanson J.F. Lee
Interior Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for the Time-Domain Maxwell's Equations Stylianos Dosopoulos J.F. Lee
A Domain Decomposition Method for Analysis of Three-Dimensional Large-Scale Electromagnetic Compatibility Problems Xiaochuan Wang J.F. Lee
Free-Standing Integrated Optics in Silicon Peng Sun Reano
GPS Antenna and Receiver for Small Cylindrical Platforms Andrew S.C. Svendsen Gupta
Multi-Frequency Radar Signatures of Human Motion: Measurements and Models James Park Johnson
Studies of the Interferometric Phase and Doppler Spectra of Sea Surface Backscattering Chun-Sik Chae Johnson
Efficient Microwave Energy Harvesting Technology and its Applications Ugur Olgun Volakis
Development of a Novel Wideband Horn Antenna Polarizer and Fully Polarimetric Radar Cross Section Measurement Reference Target Mustafa Kuloglu Chen



Physics-Based Inverse Processing and Multi-path Exploitation for Through-Wall Radar Imaging Paul Chinling Chang Burkholder & Volakis
On-Wafer Characterization of Electromagnetic Properties of Thin-Film RF Materials Jun Seok Lee Rojas
Electro-Optic Ring Resonators in Integrated Optics For Miniature Electric Field Sensors Alexander C. Rouge Reano
Direct Write of Chalcogenide Glass Integrated Optics Using Electron Beams Galen B. Hoffman Reano
High Resolution RADAR Imaging via a Portable Through-Wall MIMO System Employing a Low-Profile UWB Array Kenneth E. Browne Burkholder & Volakis
Systematic Design of Multiple Antenna Systems Using Characteristic Modes Bryan D. Raines Rojas
Low-Profile Wideband Antennas Based on Tightly Coupled Dipole and Patch Elements Erdinc Irci Sertel & Volakis

Excitation and Analysis of Characteristic Modes on Complex Antenna Structures

Brandan T. Strojny Rojas
Ultrawideband Time Domain Radar for Time Reversal Applications Victor Lopez-Castellanos Teixeira
Non-Foster Impedance Matching and Loading Networks for Electrically Small Antennas Keum Su Song Rojas
Ultrawideband Low-Profile Arrays of Tightly Coupled Antenna Elements: Excitation, Termination and Feeding Methods Ioannis Tzanidis Sertel & Volakis
Shape Optimization of Low-Profile UWB Body-of-Revolution Monopole Antennas Jing Zhao Volakis
Theoretical Model and Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Characteristics for the Magnetoelectric Effect in Layered Piezoelectric and Piezomagnetic Composites Idahosa A. Osaretin Rojas
Exploration of MIMO Radar Techniques with a Software-Defined Radar Mark Frankford Johnson
Numerical and Analytical Studies of the Electromagnetic Bias in Satellite Altimetry Praphun Naenna Johnson



Design Methodology for Wideband Electrically Small Antennas (ESA) Based on the Theory of Characteristic Modes (CM) Khaled A. Obeidat Rojas
Numerical Modeling of Electromagnetic Well-Logging Sensors Hwa O. Lee Teixeira
Finite Element Time Domain Techniques for Maxwell's Equations Based on Differential Forms Joonshik Kim Teixeira
Realization of a Planar Low-Profile Broadband Phased Array Antenna

Justin A. Kasemodel

Chen & Volakis
Broadband Characterization Techniques for RF Materials and Engineered Composites Jae-Young Chung Volakis



On a Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction based Complex Source Beam Diffraction by a Curved Wedge with Applications to Reflector Antenna Analysis Youngchel Kim Pathak
Finite Element Domain Decomposition with Second Order Transmission Conditions for Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Problems Vineet Rawat J.F. Lee
Development of a Time Domain Hybrid Finite Difference/Finite Element Method For Solutions to Maxwell’s Equations in Anisotropic Media Christopher W. Kung R. Lee

Realizations of Degenerate Band Edge/Magnetic Photonic Crystals for Antenna Applications

Salih Yarga Volakis
Adaptive Antenna Arrays for Precision GNSS Receivers Andrew O'Brien Gupta & Pathak
Polymer-Ceramic Composites for Conformal Multilayer Antenna and RF Systems Yijun Zhou Chen & Volakis
Electromagnetic Scattering Models for the Global Ice Sheet Mapping Orbiter Demonstrator Noppasin Niamsuwan Johnson
Studies of radio frequency interference Detection Methods in Microwave Radiometry Baris Guner Johnson



EM Characterization of Magnetic Photonic / Degenerate Band Edge Crystals and Related Antenna Realizations Gokhan Mumcu Volakis
Electromagnetically Transparent Feed Networks for Antenna Arrays

Eugene Yi-Chien Lee

Rojas & Walton
Full-wave modeling and analysis of dispersion-engineered materials and plasmon waveguides

Kyung-Young Jung

Teixeira & Reano
Time Domain Solvers for Complex-Media Electrodynamics and Plasma Physics         

Burkay Donderici

H-, P- and T-Refinement Strategies for the Finite-Difference-Time-Domain (FDTD) Method Developed via Finite-Element (FE) Principles

Ryan Chilton

Robert Lee
Time Reversal Based Signal Processing Techniques for Ultrawideband Electromagnetic Sensing in Random Media

Mehmet Yavuz

Electromagnetic Backscattering Studies of Nonlinear Ocean Surfaces

Guangdong Pan

Photonic Crystal Fibers and Optical True Time Delay Engines for Wideband Arrays

Niru Nahar




On-Chip Antenna Element and Array Design for Short Range Millimeter-Wave Communications Rudy Michael Emrick Volakis

EMI/EMC Analysis of Electronic Systems Subject to Near Zone Illuminations

Zulfiqar A. Khan Volakis
Perturbation Theory of Electromagnetic Scattering from Layered Media with Rough Interfaces Metin Demir Johnson
 Size reduction of an UWB low-profile spiral antenna                                                                                                    

Brad Kramer

An approximate UTD development for the radiation by antennas near or on thin material coated metallic wedges

Titipong Lertwiriyaprapa

Pathak & Volakis
A fast full-wave solver for the analysis of large planar finite periodic antenna arrays in grounded multilayered media

Pongsak Mahachokler-twattana

Complex Source Point Beam Expansions for Some Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering Problems

Koray Tap

Development of Unexploded Ordnances (UXO) Detection and Classification System Using Ultra Wide Bandwidth Fully Polarimetric Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Hyoung-Sun Youn

R. Lee & Chen
A Domain Decomposition Method for Solving Electrically Large Electromagnetic Problems

Kezhong Zhao

J-F Lee



Experimental and Theoretical Study of Wide-Band Spiral Antenna Miniaturization via Material and Lumped Element Loadings Ming Lee Volakis
Hybrid Methods for Mixed Signal Circuits Subject to On & Off-Board Electromagnetic Interference

Yakup Bayram


Compatible Discretizations for Maxwell Equations

Bo He


Analysis of Electromagnetic Well-Logging Tools

Yik-Kiong Hue


A UTD ray description for the collective fields radiated by large antenna phased arrays on a smooth convex surface

Panuwat Janpugdee


Computational Electromagnetic Modeling for Wireless Channel Characterization

Edwin Lim


A fast IE-FFT algorighm for solving electromagnetic radiation and scattering problems

Seung Mo Seo

J.-F. Lee

Development of Hybrid Explicit/Implicit and Adaptive H and P Refinement for the Finite Element Time Domain Method

Yudhapoom Srisukh

R. Lee

Pattern reconfigurable printed antennas and time domain method of characteristic modes for antenna analysis and design

Nuttawit Surritikul


Generalized Hybrid Methods for Modeling Complex Electromagnetic Structures

Brian Usner





Proof of Feasibility of a Free-Space Optical Cross-Connect System Using Digital MEMS

Victor Argueta Diaz


Design and Demonstration of a Novel Optical True Time Delay Technique Using Polynomial Cells Based on White Cells

Rashmi Mital


Antenna Fields in Complex Structural Environments by the Spherical Harmonic Interface Procedure

Jeanne Rockway


Development of Four Novel UWB Antennas Assisted by FDTD Method

Kwan-Ho Lee

R. Lee

A Non-Conformal Domain Decomposition Method for Solving Large Electromagnetic Wave Problems

Marinos Vouvakis





Improved-Accuracy Algorithms for Time-Domain Finite Methods in Electromagnetics

Shumin Wang

R. Lee & Teixeira

Suppression of surface waves on arrays of finite extent

Jonothon Pryor


Development of automobile antenna design and optimization for FM/GPS/SDARS applications

Yongjin Kim


Design of Radiofrequency Coils for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applications:  A Computational Electromagnetic Approach

Tamer Ibrahim

R. Lee




Asymptotic High Frequency Analysis of the Surface Fields of a Source Excited Circular Cylinder with an Impedance Boundary Condition

Cagatay Tokgoz

Pathak & Marhefka

Fast Frequency Sweep Model Order Reduction of Polynomial Matrix Equations Resulting From Finite Element Discretizations

Rodney Slone

R. Lee & J.-F. Lee

Analytic Study of Space-Time and Space-Frequency Adaptive Processing for Radio Frequency Interference Suppression

Thomas Moore


Radar Image Studies of Scattering from Random Rough Surfaces

Hyunjun Kim





Three-Dimensional Thermal and Radiometric Modeling of Land Mine Signatures                                      

Ibrahim Sendur





Applications of the novel spectral accleration (NSA) algorithm for the computation of scattering from rough surfaces 

Danai Torrungrueng


A Novel User-Oriented Problem-Centric Computational Electromagnetics Paradigm

Frank Paynter


Efficient Method of Moments Formulation for Large Conducting Scattering Problems Using Asymptotic Phasefront Extraction

Do-Hoon Kwon


Surface Waves in Arrays of Finite Extent

Dan Janning


Application of Multisensor Fusion to Improve Landmine Detection

Ajith Gunatilaka


Efficient Hybrid MoM/Green's Function Technique to Analyze Conformal Microstrip Antennas and Arrays

Erturk Vakur


Design, development, and evaluation of a system for angle-of-arrival measurement at a UHF Mobile Radio Base Station 

Steve Ellingson


The Multiple Sweep Method of Moments (MSMM) Analysis of Three Dimensional Radiation and Scattering Problems

Dilek Colak


Ultra-Wide-Band Model-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging through Complex Media

Lixin Cai