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How to Order Reports

Anyone, from or outside the University, wishing to find a historical document or materials can do so by contacting University Archives. Currently not all of archived materials are indexed online. Their finding aids, which are inventories of what’s in particular collection, are made public/indexed based on the order the materials are received. However even if a finding aid isn’t online yet, Archives keep internal inventories that they can search when a customer comes with a search request. Here is step-by-step process for requesting a report search:

  • Customers (ESL members or anyone outside the university) who wish to find a copy of a report can contact Archives ( with report details (date/title/report no.. etc.) directly.
  • Once Archives receive the request, it may take about a week for them to retrieve the report, photocopy and scan it since reports are stored at their off-site location in a climate-controlled secure warehouse. The only items Archives keep in their main campus building is President’s materials and faculty/student records.
  • Archives have a fee structure that is applied to copying/scanning documents and images as .pdf files. As of March 2021 they charge $ 0.15 per copy for 100 or more copies. For scanning photos or other materials as .jpg or .tif files the charge is $10 an up depending on the photo size per image.
  • For those who wish to visit Archives to do research on historical documents can do so by making an appointment by calling 614-292-2409 or sending an email to