Remote Sensing



RF and microwave remote sensing uses active and passive RF and microwave systems to observe the:

  • ocean,
  • atmosphere,
  • terrain,
  • earth crust, and
  • other environments.

Data from these sensors are critical for:

  • earth science,
  • land use monitoring,
  • oil and gas exploration and
  • global climate studies.

ESL research develops models, techniques, and systems for Earth remote sensing.

Our ultimate goal is the inclusion of our technologies in borehole, air- and space-borne remote sensing systems. We collaborate with industry, NASA and other agencies in modeling and testing of new sensors and in data analysis for current sensors.

Faculty/Researcher Contacts: Prof. Robert Burkholder, Prof. Joel Johnson, Dr. Andrew O'BrienProf. Fernando Teixeira, Dr. Caglar Yardim