Wireless and Wireline Integrated Circuits and Systems

The ElectroScience Lab has made significant contributions to radio frequency and mm-wave circuits and systems via its Circuit Laboratory for Advanced Sensors and Systems (CLASS). 

Research activities in this area focus on high-performance wireless and wireline transceivers at both circuits and systems levels. Researchers are also exploring new architectures in low-cost CMOS technology and high-speed and/or high-power III-V technologies such as GaAs/InP/GaN. The lab possesses the capability to conduct mixed-signal, RF and mm-wave measurement and characterization, both on-die and in-package, supporting a wide range of frequencies from DC-110 GHz.

Current research projects include: 
  • Direct Digital-to-RF Transmitters and Power Amplifiers 
  • Digital Beamforming Architecture and Circuits 
  • High Resolution GHz-speed Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) 
  • Digital Time and Amplitude Calibration Techniques for DACs 
  • Ultra-Wide Tuning Range and Low Phase Noise mm-Wave LC Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) 
  • Integrated Circuits Reliability 
  • Adaptive Power Management Circuits 
 The success of the research is a result of:
  • Interdisciplinary program involving DSP & communications for building complete “Antenna-to-Bit” Radio solutions
  • State-ofthe-art infrastructure including CAD tools, wafer/package test facilities, and access to in house and external foundries
  • Timely, relevant education and student training programs
Faculty/researcher contacts: Prof. Chi-Chih ChenProf. Waleed Khalil