flow chart of EMI/EMC
EM Domain Analysis Frequency or Time Domain

Future high-speed wireless systems must be reliable in presence of both natural and intentional sources of interference. EM Interference (EMI) and EM Coupling (EMC) Research involves analytical, numerical, and experimental efforts to develop "best practices" for future EM shielding designs.

We develop integrated EM-circuit tools for EMI/EMC characterization of RF-digital systems in presence of complex platforms. Key features of our tools include:

  • modular approach where EM domain (complex structures) and circuit domain (RF-digital electronics) can be integrated via universal hybrid scattering parameters
  • Very efficient computational analysis where EM structure and circuit components can be independently analyzed with the best suited computational tool
  • Domain decomposition techniques adapted via a modular approach to solving large problems on a desktop PC
  • Device models for high power microwave signals


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