Novel Antennas and Antenna Techniques


novel_antennas_and_antenna_techniques example

ESL conducts a wide array of research on antennas and radomes, including:

  • new mathematical models for antenna and radome patterns
  • conformal to planar ultra wide and antennas
  • small wide band antennas
  • reconfigurable apertures

Some typical projects include:

  • Antenna patterns on platforms such as aircraft, tanks and boats
  • Microstrip and other electrically small antennas
  • Sidelobes reduction for applications such as radiometry and energy transfer
  • Very-wide-band antennas, operating with high performance from 50 MHz up to MM-waves
  • Reconfigurable antennas
  • Horn antennas with reduced side and back lobes using corrugated surfaces
  • Band rejection and band pass radomes
  • Body-worn antennas
  • Textile antennas
  • Low angle beam forming antennas