Polymers and Packaging

polymers_and_packaging examples

We are working on the development of polymer-ceramic composites to overcome the low dielectric constant (εr~2.2-2.8) of pure polymers, and implement flexible substrates for a wide range of applications. Our goal is to develop fabrication techniques and substrate designs that combine/mix layers of high contrast ceramic powders at appropriate locations within the substrate to reduce antenna and circuit size, and concurrently increase functionality. Due to their rigidity, ceramic materials alone do not allow for conformality and ease of integration with antennas and circuits. However, we are working on providing design rules and technological foundations that would lead to new low-cost, low-volume, light-weight, conformal RF modules that can find many applications including:

  • Stretchable and flexible antennas,
  • Packaging/encapsulation films,
  • Wearable textile antennas,
  • RFIDs,
  • Military wireless sensing and communications,
  • Remote vehicle control, and
  • Automobile RF component design (antennas, wireless sensors).