RF Integrated Circuits

This research area is connected to the Circuit Laboratory for Advanced Sensors and Systems (CLASS).

Integrated Circuits Research at ESL capitalizes on a systems-view approach that spans high-performance digital, analog, and RF architectures and circuit design techniques to realize state of the art solutions for current and future wireless/wireline applications. 

  • Interdisciplinary program that marries advanced DSP principles with, novel transistor-level circuit design, and Electromagnetic analysis to construct frequency-agile flexible hardware.
  • State of the art infrastructure including CAD tools, computing clusters, wafer/package test facilities, and access to in house and external foundries.

Current research includes the development of:

  • Direct Digital-to-RF circuits
  • High-resolution GHz DACs and ADCs
  • High-performance Digital ASICs
  • Power-scalable Micro-architecture and Circuits
  • Heterogeneous Semiconductor Integrated Circuits (III-V,SiGe,CMOS)
  • High-efficiency Transmitters (GaN,CMOS)
  • Programmable Broadband PLLs and VCOs
  • Architectures and Sensors for Ultra-Wideband Receivers
  • Read Out Integrated Circuits