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RFID Portal

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is a technology for tracking tagged items using radio waves. RFID tags are programmed with a unique universal product code (UPC) and may be placed on or inside nearly any object. Unlike conventional optical bar codes and QR codes, RFID tags do not need a clear line-of-sight to read. Therefore, the tags can be placed inside products or packaging, and can be detected from several inches to several feet away. RFID research at the ElectroScience Lab is focused on making RFID technology economically feasible for large-scale deployment in retail and supply-chain applications.

Research projects include:

  • Reader antenna system for reading a large number of tags for retail  items on metal shelves.
  • High-isolation RFID portal for warehouse docks.
  • Algorithms for locating tags in a room crowded with items.
  • RFID tag antennas embedded in elastic materials such as tires and fabrics.
  • Sensor tags for storing and transmitting environmental data.
rfid shelving system
RFID Shelving System