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IT Requirements for Online Participants Using a PC or Mac

If you are unable to attend the short courses in-person in Columbus, OH, then you can take the courses online via live streaming video. In order to have a smooth video streaming experience you will need Adobe Connect installed on your computer. Please use installation guidelines below in order to install Adobe Connect on your computer. If you are part of an organization has an IT department, please ask their assistance if installation process requires their administrative or login credentials. Further Questions on the IT Requirements?


To view the live video stream, you will need Adobe Connect. Follow the instructions below to install it. Chrome or Safari users have been provided with supplemental information below; Internet Explorer should not require any. Please perform these steps within the user profile (account) you will be logged into while viewing the Short Courses, on the PC or Mac computer/laptop you will be using.

Install Adobe Connect

1. Navigate to the following URL:

2. It will automatically begin an initial test which will take a minute or so. (If Adobe Flash is not installed you will be prompted to do that first)

3. Once the test completes, you will be given the option to install the Adobe Connect add-in. Please click the "Install Add-in" button. If you are prompted for administrator login credentials, please contact your local IT support for assistance with this step.


Safari web browser users:
If you receive a box that looks like the image below, please open a new tab by going to File > New Tab at the top and navigate to the following URL 

Follow the instructions for adjusting Safari’s security to allow to run in Unsafe Mode (required to proceed with Adobe Connect Plug-in installation in Safari).

Once you have made the security adjustments, open the Safari tab where the Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test is located, refresh the webpage, click Install Add-in once more, and then proceed with step 4.


4. A small box will appear asking you to confirm that you would like to install the add-in, click "Yes".


5. Once the installation completes, the small Adobe Connect Add-in box will disappear.

Additional notes for specific web browsers:


The "Loading Adobe Connect" window (image below) will appear once the installation has complete, please close this window after it appears and proceed with step 6.


Google Chrome

A bar may appear at the near the top requesting you to Deny or Allow Adobe Flash Player to run, please click Allow, then Install Add-in once more and proceed with step 6. The install is very quick in Google Chrome and the installation window may simply appear as a blink on the screen. Please proceed with step 6 to confirm the plug-in installed correctly.


6. Click the "Test Again" button.


7. The test will run again and you should now see a green check next to Adobe Connect Add-in Test.


8. You have now successfully installed the Adobe Connect Add-in.