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IT Requirements for Online Participants

Remote users are advised to attend the ESL Short Courses using the Adobe Connect standalone app. This eliminates the need to install Flash and the Adobe Connect plugin. Administrative access is not required to install the stand alone app. Please observe the following steps:


1) Run the appropriate installer


2) Open the Adobe Connect application


3) Copy/paste the link for your course into the field that says “Enter the Adobe Connect meeting, seminar or content URL to join”. For example,


4) Click on the Continue button.


Windows and Macintosh users must open the Adobe Connect app first and then copy/paste the included URL manually. Do not click on the link, it will try to open the conference within a web browser.

iOS (iPad) users who click on the link will be prompted to install the standalone Adobe Connect mobile app or if it is already installed, open it. If the app reports that the URL is invalid, they may need to manually enter the URL for the course in the field that says “Enter Meeting URL”.

Although it is not the recommended method, users that already have the Flash and the Adobe Connect plugins installed and would prefer using them within a browser are welcome to do so. You may click on the link to open it.