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CubeSats: Revolutionizing Access to Space-Based Research

Chris BallInstructor: Christopher Ball, Research Scientist

Research Area: Spectroscopy, sensor technology development, millimeter wave, terahertz, infrared, optical, spectral libraries, detection algorithms

Duration: Half-day

Date/Time: Thursday, August 8  |  8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

In recent years, the proliferation of small satellites known as "CubeSats" has introduced a new paradigm for access to space for research purposes. This course will examine the underlying technology of CubeSats and provide examples of how they are used. In addition, the process of developing, testing, launching and operating a CubeSat will be described, drawing upon recent CubeSat missions. Unique aspects of CubeSat systems, such as size/power constraints, mission duration, payloads and constellations will be discussed, along with a view toward the future of CubeSat technology and missions.