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Quiet Room for ESL Community

We are happy to announce the launch of a Quiet Room in the old ESL building (Rm. 251) to promote work/life balance for greater morale, satisfaction and productivity within the ESL community. The Quiet Room may be used for reading, meditation, prayer or any other physical activity (i.e. Yoga) that promotes one’s spiritual, mental or physical well-being. The room may also be used as a lactation room for nursing mothers. 

Since there are certain times of the day when multiple members of the ESL community may wish to use the room simultaneously (i.e. specific prayer times), these times will be marked as “open to all ESL students, faculty, and staff" during those times in the Quiet Room calendar.

Those who wish to use the room outside the “open” hours can reserve the room through ESL Room Scheduling. More information about the usage and scheduling guidelines can be found on our website. We encourage ESL community to take advantage of the Quiet Room and send us feedback on your experience using the room.